"I Love You" Origami Paper Rose

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No matter what tongue it is spoken, love is a universal language. Say "I LOVE YOU" in many languages. @}-`,---- This beautiful and exotic "I Love You" Origami Paper Rose looks so real. The entire paper rose blossom and calyx are hand folded from a single square piece of beautiful imported paper. The single "I Love You" origami paper rose is available in a variety of colors and styles (La Bella Rosa, Bud). The most popular version is the "standard" color La Bella Rosa Rose. That is, the "I Love You" design is printed on white and the leaves and stem are black. All other rose color options have green leaves and stem. The origami rose is approximately 2" across and has a 18" stem. The "I Love You" origami paper rose is wrapped in flourphane wrap, beautiful tulle and tied with a bow.